The Ariel Toucan (Ramphastos ariel) is one of the most iconic birds of the Amazon rainforest. 

Some fascinating facts about toucans:
• Toucans Make Many Noises! The common name “toucan” comes from the sound they make. They make tapping, clattering, grunting, snoring and also croaking noise with their bills! Some toucan species also make barking, growling, and braying sounds
• They are monomorphic: that means that males and females look the same
• The toucan’s bill plays a role in thermoregulation. Toucans manage their body temperature by adjusting the blood flow to their beak as more blood means more heat release
• Young toucans don’t have a long bill at birth! It grows over time and doesn’t reach full size until several months
• Toucans do not like to fly across rivers, which is why waterways often create barriers between different species
• There is a constellation named after the wonderful bird, the Tucana has most of the small magellanic cloud inside it


33×24 cm, Ink on paper