The Alpine Ibex (Capra ibex) is a big mountain goat with large backward curving horns. They’re incredibly agile and well adapted to their mountainous habitats.

Here some curiosity pills about the ibex:
– Ibex is a glacial relict! It arrived in Europe during the Riss glaciation (130-250 thousand years ago) and it was then confined to the mountainous areas. Ibex is well adapted to cold high altitudes and it has no sweat glands!
– Ibex can jump 1,80 metres (71 in) straight up, from standing!
– Their clogs are soft and very wide and have an independent articulation, which allows them to move nimbly on rocky terrain
– Both male and female Alpine ibex have large, backwards-curving horns. However, the male’s horns can grow up to 1 metre (39 in), while in female they are smaller (30 cm / 13.8 in in length)
– The average life span of an ibex female is 24 years old, while males live only 14-16 years


33×24 cm,

watercolour and graphite on paper